Friday, June 6, 2014

The irony of children

When they you are one, life is grand
The adventures are endless
The fun nearby. 
As you grow beyond one 
Your told never to have one too young. 
Sometimes this works 
Sometimes it doesn't. 
As you grow older, you try for one or even some 
Sometimes your blessed with them
Sometimes you fight for them
Unfortunately sometimes you can't. 
When they arrive, everyone will have comments 
Everyone will have advice! 
Soon you will find your way. 
Just as you begin to feel they may never sleep
They do.
They grow bigger and their needs change. 
As they grow older they become like a small shadow 
Following you everywhere. 
Fingers under doors 
Fingers in your bowl
Fingers in your hands
They seem to have their fingers in everything. 
You will wish for moments alone 
To drunk your coffee, water or beverage all by yourself
In peace. 
To shower alone 
Go to the bathroom alone 
They always find you. 
Even when you hide in the shower to eat chocolate. 
As they continue to get bigger you bring them everywhere
Eventually, you may find yourself staying up late, waiting. 
Are they safe?
When will they be home?
What is going on? 
You warn them, don't have one too young. 
Sometimes they listen.
Sometimes they can't. 
They will grow into adults
Sometimes they will have their own. 
You find yourself wishing to share one more snack.
To be interrupted in the shower one more time. 
For them to crawl into your lap for a snuggle on last time. 
Yet no matter how big they are,
What they have done
Your baby, they will always be. 

Hope you enjoyed. 

*this was written by me.