Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As promised...

I finally managed to finish all my UFO's, AND take pics of them LOL. I have been working on getting fall and winter clothes made for the kids. Let me tell you it can be a big task. But I am trying to do what I can so we have to buy the kids less, a very helpful thing when you have 3 to buy for. Anyway here is what I have recently finished

Dress and leggins for lily

romper for Jackson

top for Lily

skirt for Lily

shirt for Jackson

Dress and Leggins for Avry

Dress for Lily with a side of baby lol

sweater for Lily I knitted

Dress for Avry
And here is what I had previously finished up for the kids

hoodie for Avry

hoodie for Lily

Sweater I knit for Jackson

shirt for Jack

shirt for Avry

shirt for Lily

romper for jackson

This is just the beginings lol, Yesterday I cut out another 6 tee shirts. Traced a really really cute cardigan to match Lilys skirt and traced pants for each of them. Today I hope to cut the pants and cardigan. I may stop cutting after this though because it sure does give me plenty to sew. But I do prefer to have a bunch cut so I can just sew sew sew, I think cutting takes the most time, well its my least favorite anyway, not sure on it taking more time. Guess its all part of assembly line sewing. Some do it with diapers, me I do it with wardrobes.
At some point I will get to my sewing list I made for myself.
Tata for now, must feed the kids breakfast so I can get on with my cutting for the day. Oh and cant forget about a dress for a fellow divas daughter. Have a good day ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time suck!!

Well thats what today felt like anyway. LOL This am was spent searching Ravelry. If you are a knitter or crochet or heck a yarnie (you know who you are) then you are need to check out it is the best site for us yarnies LOL . See I am debating what to cast on next for Avrys winter/fall sweater. I finished Jacks and am working on Lilys. I kept debating back and forth between this ridinghood sweater but then searching more I found the Genevieve . I have the Ridinghood pattern, and really wanted more of a sweater than a dress till I found The Neverland Hoodie Wendy. Unfortunately the Wendy wont be released till sometime in September. So now I have to think of things to do inbetween. I must have this pattern, if you knew Avry you would know how much this is her. Too bad I am so impatient LOL.

On another craft front I made Avry a tumbling bag, ok a tumbling bag is a bag to take to tumbling. Not that she will need anything but Lily has a bag to put her dance shoes in so how could I not make Avry a bag to take with her. Aside from that I might have spent far too much time on Ravelry today.

OH speaking of ravelry and knitting and stuff
Its cool, basically you get a box w/ some treats and 2 balls of say peaches and cream cotton yarn, you knit one dishcloth, take out the yummies and fill the box back up with similar things to what you recieved, ie: two balls of cotton yarn and treats. The team that gets thier box back to the leader first wins. I really am not weird it'll be fun.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long time no post...

I know I know, it has been forever since I last blogged, I am really no good at this whole blog thing. I really really wanna give this another go, for what the millianth time LOL Anyway

So onto the whats new part, um Lily is 5 and starting kindergarten, can you believe it she is going to school soon. Avry is 3 and almost diaper free, only wears em at night and Jack, well he is all boy. Balls and cars and some boob and he is happy as ever, of course with the occasional clean diaper thrown in there. Lately I have been busy sewing fall and winter clothes, I know your thinking um do you realize its still August and hot. I do but the more I get done the less we will end up buying which is a definate plus when you have 3 to buy for. The girls are also doing extra curriculars this year. Lily will be doing ballet and Avry will be tumbling. They are so excited.

Today I was putting around at one of the many, er I mean few forums that I belong to and came across this and her talk of Dish Rag Tag. Seems like a really cool idea.
WEll thats all for now, I have a few leotards and a bag to make Avry today. Pictures hopefully to come soon.