Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time suck!!

Well thats what today felt like anyway. LOL This am was spent searching Ravelry. If you are a knitter or crochet or heck a yarnie (you know who you are) then you are need to check out it is the best site for us yarnies LOL . See I am debating what to cast on next for Avrys winter/fall sweater. I finished Jacks and am working on Lilys. I kept debating back and forth between this ridinghood sweater but then searching more I found the Genevieve . I have the Ridinghood pattern, and really wanted more of a sweater than a dress till I found The Neverland Hoodie Wendy. Unfortunately the Wendy wont be released till sometime in September. So now I have to think of things to do inbetween. I must have this pattern, if you knew Avry you would know how much this is her. Too bad I am so impatient LOL.

On another craft front I made Avry a tumbling bag, ok a tumbling bag is a bag to take to tumbling. Not that she will need anything but Lily has a bag to put her dance shoes in so how could I not make Avry a bag to take with her. Aside from that I might have spent far too much time on Ravelry today.

OH speaking of ravelry and knitting and stuff
Its cool, basically you get a box w/ some treats and 2 balls of say peaches and cream cotton yarn, you knit one dishcloth, take out the yummies and fill the box back up with similar things to what you recieved, ie: two balls of cotton yarn and treats. The team that gets thier box back to the leader first wins. I really am not weird it'll be fun.

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