Thursday, January 29, 2009

update and Februarys menu

Been a while, longer than I thought sorry. I have been keeping busy. Sewing lots of spring/summer clothes for the kids, well trying to at least lol. Bedtime is still going well, DH even did a bed time to , only one but he did it.
Lots of sewing planned for today so I have to keep it short. Here is Februarys Menu plan
1. Meat Loaf , mashed potato, broccoli
2. Baked Chicken, mac & cheese, veggie
3. Chicken and dumplings
4. Burritos
5. steak tip stir fry
6 chicken , zucchini, diced tomato over linguini
7. chili
8. pot roast
9. minestrone soup
10. fried chicken, French fries, veggie
11. spaghetti and meat balls
12. pork chops, egg noodles , veggie
13. chicken enchiladas
14. ham, rice, veggie
15. whole chicken
16. chicken soup
17. stroganoff
18. chicken pot pie
19. stuffed shells
20. chicken, pioneer woman potato, veggie
21. hot dogs, chili cheese fries
22. corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potato onion
23. shepards pie
24. lasagna
25. fish, rice, veggie
26. sesame chicken, noodles, veggie
27. burrito bowls
28. pizza

planning on attempting to shop every 2 weeks this time, I dont think the once a month worked very well last time , especially w/ the weekly pick ups

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long time no post

I know I know, I was going good for a few days then bam where ever did I go.
So some updateage, bed time is going good, except for the few times that they got so tired and feel asleep hours before bed and a few times Miss Avry fell asleep for a late nap then wouldnt go down for bed time. As for spending , we have dont OK, we did order pizza last week then burgers this week. I know goes against things but besides that we are doing good IMO.
I have been sewing like a mad woman for the kids for spring/summer. The other day DSD was down and I sewed 6 outfits, 2 for each child. I have already made Jackson somewhere around 12 outfits, I am hoping to have to buy less for them if I sew more, not to mention who knows when I will have time to sew when he gets here. lol.
Sad kitty news, For a few days my kitty wasnt himself. So we took him in yesterday and he was very dehydrated and obviously in pain, well turns out he ate some string that was wrapped around his bowels and his intestines cuttin into them, so uor choices were a very pricey surgery, money we DO NOT have or a pricey euthenasia ( I probably spelled that wrong) unfortuneatly the only thing we could do was put him down. I am a lil sad and so is dh. WE miss our kitty, he was a good pain in the a$$. LOL. Poor Lily is very confused, we had told her the truth. The kitty ate something he wasnt supposed to and it got stuck in his belly and made his sick so the kitty was going to go and be with Bubbie (dh's mom) She kept telling us that she didnt want her kitty to go anywhere and Bubbie didnt need a kitty, or she could get her own. She even tried to trade our other cat for this one. It really is sad. I feel badly for her, but it is a tough thing for a 3 year old to understand. Poor baby girl, her and this kitty were buddies, they would sit together and cuddle watchin tv. :(
So on another note, I gave in and called the dentist for my tooth and have an appt on Thursday at 1, let me tell you that cant come soon enough. I did get zero sleep last night, yep pretty much none, I finally came down stairs at almost 2 and mighta nodded off in front of the tv at 4 or 5 but I am tired. I already need a nap.
I am hoping to come back more often w/ updates, sorry for such a long delay :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not much to say

We ended up doing the errands I had yesterday as a family, took much longer than I pressumed but we got it all done. Except for my forgetting salad lol. I hope that this works for us, b/c it sure is a big hit at the begining of the month.
More success last night w/ bed time, except we were waiting for Lily to clean up for so long that we got up to bed late so Avry was a bit over tired.
Oh my goodness let me tell you about my dessert I made, was supposed to be this thin brownie w/ marshmellows and chocolate drizzeled over it , I know yum enough but instead I used a different pan and its more like cake brownies covered in marshmellows with chocolate covering pretty much the whole thing, let me tell you that is one dangerous dessert. We had it w/ cookies and cream ice cream and cool whip last night and let me tell you it was yummy. I even want it for breakfast but dh said he is gettin up and helping me cook breakfast today. I should start the muffins though.
Sort of big plans for today, clean, laundry, cook breakfast, make muffins for the week, make bread ( cinnamon raisen and white) cut and sew. This lil boy onlyhas 8 mama made outfits so far, that is not nearly enough. Granted he does have maybe 4 store bought w/ onesies.
Off to wake up dh, Have a nice Day.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Twice the success

Yep, I managed to stick to what was on my plan for dinner, did the bed time routine and yep got em both to fall asleep in thier bed. I am beyond thrilled. I am really hoping that they keep doing such a great job of it. Today is Saturday so I have nothing really interesting to say. I have errands to run but I am waiting on DH to get his butt outta bed so I can go solo. But he says he was up till after 4, so who knows when that will be :(
I did however have 2 empowering moments involving the same thing the last two days. I got the fire started in the stove, w/out paper and only using 1 piece of wood yesterday and pretty much shavings today w/ only hot coals. I am beyond stoked, I felt very accomplished. :D LOL
Maybe I can even get to sew today, I really wanna stay home and do nothing today and tomorrow, well of course after errands that is. Maybe even get to sew. I do have part of a quilt cut out for Lily for her new big girl bed I just have to finish cutting and sew sew sew. I have been doing pretty good with my knitting lately too. This is from a crocheter. I could crochet pretty much anything, but put it away for a while and started doing lots and lots of sewing. Now I am picking up knitting. The only thing I had ever finished was a hat last year. However in the last week I have made a baby sweater w/ matching socks and have also started a sweater for Avry with hopes of making one for Lily and the baby too. Funny I wanna start so many projects but I am a slow knitter, It will get better as I work on it. We cant all start out to be lightning speed knitters. I am just proud I have been finishing things.
Oh yeah add clean the house to todays list, the bedding needs to be washed too.

Friday, January 2, 2009

January menu

I know 2 posts in one day , wow huh. In and effort to reduce spending I have just finished my January menu plan I think the recipes I am using are also included

January menu plan
1. left overs
2. chicken w/ lemon peppar in crock pot, rice ,
3. hot dogs and chili fries
4. meatloaf, mashed potato , broccoli
5. enchiladas
6. chicken sautéed in diced tomato, zucchini,& onion over noodles
7. chicken pot pie
8. BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, fries/tater tots corn
9. baked chicken, mac and cheese , green beans
10. shepards pie
11. chili
12. chicken , pioneer woman potatos, corn
13. beef stroganoff w/ broccoli
14. turkey burritos
15. chicken and dumplings
16. Salsa chicken and black bean soup
17. spaghetti and meatballs w/ salad
18. pot roast
19. fried chicken, fries, corn
20. sushi
21. pork chops, egg noodles, corn
22. lasagna
23. chicken , noodles, veggie
24. ham, rice, veggie
25. whole chicken
26. chicken soup
27. pizza
28. stuffed shells
29. grilled cheese and tomato soup
30. pork tenderloin, rice veggie
31. crock pot spaghetti sauce w/ chicken
my recipes
chicken pot pie
chilifound of back of bean package
pioneer woman potatos
Chicken and dumplings
salsa chicken w/ black bean soup
pulled pork recipe
lunch is usualy sandwiches and left overs unless I cook something, breakfast we will make some muffins and breads

one step at at time right

Yesterday was great, DH had the day off so we spent it lounging doing nothing. I made an attempt to sew bedding for Lilys new big girl bed to find out I didnt have enough flannel to do it, so I then put that aside and proceeded to cut fabric for at least a blanket for her bed, can you guess what happened this time. Not enough fabric lol. I can make a quilt top just nothing else lol.
Both Dh and I broke the low spend yesterday, in his defense he wasnt aware I had implimented it or what it was shhh!!. In my own defense this was $ I had put in our online account from Christmas so it didnt come from house hold $$.
There was sucess yesterday, we restarted our bed time routine. Vitamin for Lily, brush teeth and hair , say goodnight to daddy, then upstairs for a book each and bed. I think I might have had an advantage with Avry since she had been up since around 6ish that morning, come 8 she was soooo tired it wasnt even funny. She did cry some but I stayed with her rubbing her back and legs. Now I have to stick with it and have Daddy do some bedtimes too, otherwise he is in trouble when I am in the hospitol having this next baby. We can do it, and we have till May lol.
It appears soo cold outside from the snow we got on New Years Eve or was it the day before. I dont remember. But we need things. I also have to make a menu for this week then a grocery list so I know what I need. I dont wanna over spend. I found when I did a menu and list we saved so much, well except when I insisted on having fresh things in the kitchen, hey it was a craving. I lived off veggie sandwiches the first trimest.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I am making an attempt to start something new with this and what better time then New Years Day. So many plans and "resolutions" I use the term loosely because we all know how often those get tossed out the window or forgotten. However, there are things that I would love to be able to accomplish this year. I am apprehensive about listing them for fear that I too will have a list of unfullfilled resolutions. But what the hey, maybe I can hold myself accountable if I have it written down. There are things on my list I would like to get done and things I need to get done so here goes.

Things I would like to get accomplished

  • maintain a cleaner house
  • as little spending as possible. ( I would love to start a no spend but I am not sure it is something I can personally accomplish) Taking this one day at a time
  • no more eating out (included in spending less)
  • start saving ( kind of a result of spending less)
  • stay on top of laundry
  • girls to fall asleep in thier own bed
  • set a bed time/daily routine
  • maintain a healthier lifestyle with DH
  • keep up with the blog

Things on the I need to accomplish list

  • clean everything thing out of the girls room
  • figure out a setting to fit 3 beds in that room
  • empty out dresser from top of stairs and dispose of ( these are dh's clothes)
  • get a new dresser for baby ( I know it goes against my little spend but the baby needs a place to put his clothes)

So there it is I put it down. I am sure there is much more but that is what I can think of at the moment. I am sure some of my like to and need to might be mixed up. I am afterall very tired. Hubby and I were up till midnight, which is a feat in itself for me. But lil Miss Avry woke up a lil after midnight, then had trouble getting back to sleep and ended up in our bed the rest of the night. Serves us right for letting her fall asleep at 6:15.

Today we will start these tasks, I think my most important are bedtime and no spending. Ok little spending.

So to start a new we go!!!

Plans for today, um dh doesnt have to work which is great. I really want to get the bedding for Lilys new bed cut out so I can sew it. She is loosing her toddler bed, her crib to get a bigger bed. Her bubbie had one for her at her house and when she passed (10-15-06) we got the bed. And dh doesnt want to buy a new crib, I guess it makes sense but it will be strange to see another child in my first babies bed. It is bitter sweet. Ok going to get all mushy now, remembering when Lily was a baby. I cant beleive she is going to be 4 in March and Avry will be 2 in April, not to mention the fact that both are going to be big sisters. :( my babies are growing up and arent babies anymore in fact. Though they will always be my babies in my heart.

Alright I have talked your ear off enough for a first post. I should try to save something to say for another post otherwise I might end up as one of the many one post bloggers. lol. Oh must add that to my list. Keep up with the blog.