Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I am making an attempt to start something new with this and what better time then New Years Day. So many plans and "resolutions" I use the term loosely because we all know how often those get tossed out the window or forgotten. However, there are things that I would love to be able to accomplish this year. I am apprehensive about listing them for fear that I too will have a list of unfullfilled resolutions. But what the hey, maybe I can hold myself accountable if I have it written down. There are things on my list I would like to get done and things I need to get done so here goes.

Things I would like to get accomplished

  • maintain a cleaner house
  • as little spending as possible. ( I would love to start a no spend but I am not sure it is something I can personally accomplish) Taking this one day at a time
  • no more eating out (included in spending less)
  • start saving ( kind of a result of spending less)
  • stay on top of laundry
  • girls to fall asleep in thier own bed
  • set a bed time/daily routine
  • maintain a healthier lifestyle with DH
  • keep up with the blog

Things on the I need to accomplish list

  • clean everything thing out of the girls room
  • figure out a setting to fit 3 beds in that room
  • empty out dresser from top of stairs and dispose of ( these are dh's clothes)
  • get a new dresser for baby ( I know it goes against my little spend but the baby needs a place to put his clothes)

So there it is I put it down. I am sure there is much more but that is what I can think of at the moment. I am sure some of my like to and need to might be mixed up. I am afterall very tired. Hubby and I were up till midnight, which is a feat in itself for me. But lil Miss Avry woke up a lil after midnight, then had trouble getting back to sleep and ended up in our bed the rest of the night. Serves us right for letting her fall asleep at 6:15.

Today we will start these tasks, I think my most important are bedtime and no spending. Ok little spending.

So to start a new we go!!!

Plans for today, um dh doesnt have to work which is great. I really want to get the bedding for Lilys new bed cut out so I can sew it. She is loosing her toddler bed, her crib to get a bigger bed. Her bubbie had one for her at her house and when she passed (10-15-06) we got the bed. And dh doesnt want to buy a new crib, I guess it makes sense but it will be strange to see another child in my first babies bed. It is bitter sweet. Ok going to get all mushy now, remembering when Lily was a baby. I cant beleive she is going to be 4 in March and Avry will be 2 in April, not to mention the fact that both are going to be big sisters. :( my babies are growing up and arent babies anymore in fact. Though they will always be my babies in my heart.

Alright I have talked your ear off enough for a first post. I should try to save something to say for another post otherwise I might end up as one of the many one post bloggers. lol. Oh must add that to my list. Keep up with the blog.

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