Thursday, January 29, 2009

update and Februarys menu

Been a while, longer than I thought sorry. I have been keeping busy. Sewing lots of spring/summer clothes for the kids, well trying to at least lol. Bedtime is still going well, DH even did a bed time to , only one but he did it.
Lots of sewing planned for today so I have to keep it short. Here is Februarys Menu plan
1. Meat Loaf , mashed potato, broccoli
2. Baked Chicken, mac & cheese, veggie
3. Chicken and dumplings
4. Burritos
5. steak tip stir fry
6 chicken , zucchini, diced tomato over linguini
7. chili
8. pot roast
9. minestrone soup
10. fried chicken, French fries, veggie
11. spaghetti and meat balls
12. pork chops, egg noodles , veggie
13. chicken enchiladas
14. ham, rice, veggie
15. whole chicken
16. chicken soup
17. stroganoff
18. chicken pot pie
19. stuffed shells
20. chicken, pioneer woman potato, veggie
21. hot dogs, chili cheese fries
22. corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potato onion
23. shepards pie
24. lasagna
25. fish, rice, veggie
26. sesame chicken, noodles, veggie
27. burrito bowls
28. pizza

planning on attempting to shop every 2 weeks this time, I dont think the once a month worked very well last time , especially w/ the weekly pick ups

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