Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long time no post

I know I know, I was going good for a few days then bam where ever did I go.
So some updateage, bed time is going good, except for the few times that they got so tired and feel asleep hours before bed and a few times Miss Avry fell asleep for a late nap then wouldnt go down for bed time. As for spending , we have dont OK, we did order pizza last week then burgers this week. I know goes against things but besides that we are doing good IMO.
I have been sewing like a mad woman for the kids for spring/summer. The other day DSD was down and I sewed 6 outfits, 2 for each child. I have already made Jackson somewhere around 12 outfits, I am hoping to have to buy less for them if I sew more, not to mention who knows when I will have time to sew when he gets here. lol.
Sad kitty news, For a few days my kitty wasnt himself. So we took him in yesterday and he was very dehydrated and obviously in pain, well turns out he ate some string that was wrapped around his bowels and his intestines cuttin into them, so uor choices were a very pricey surgery, money we DO NOT have or a pricey euthenasia ( I probably spelled that wrong) unfortuneatly the only thing we could do was put him down. I am a lil sad and so is dh. WE miss our kitty, he was a good pain in the a$$. LOL. Poor Lily is very confused, we had told her the truth. The kitty ate something he wasnt supposed to and it got stuck in his belly and made his sick so the kitty was going to go and be with Bubbie (dh's mom) She kept telling us that she didnt want her kitty to go anywhere and Bubbie didnt need a kitty, or she could get her own. She even tried to trade our other cat for this one. It really is sad. I feel badly for her, but it is a tough thing for a 3 year old to understand. Poor baby girl, her and this kitty were buddies, they would sit together and cuddle watchin tv. :(
So on another note, I gave in and called the dentist for my tooth and have an appt on Thursday at 1, let me tell you that cant come soon enough. I did get zero sleep last night, yep pretty much none, I finally came down stairs at almost 2 and mighta nodded off in front of the tv at 4 or 5 but I am tired. I already need a nap.
I am hoping to come back more often w/ updates, sorry for such a long delay :)

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