Friday, January 2, 2009

one step at at time right

Yesterday was great, DH had the day off so we spent it lounging doing nothing. I made an attempt to sew bedding for Lilys new big girl bed to find out I didnt have enough flannel to do it, so I then put that aside and proceeded to cut fabric for at least a blanket for her bed, can you guess what happened this time. Not enough fabric lol. I can make a quilt top just nothing else lol.
Both Dh and I broke the low spend yesterday, in his defense he wasnt aware I had implimented it or what it was shhh!!. In my own defense this was $ I had put in our online account from Christmas so it didnt come from house hold $$.
There was sucess yesterday, we restarted our bed time routine. Vitamin for Lily, brush teeth and hair , say goodnight to daddy, then upstairs for a book each and bed. I think I might have had an advantage with Avry since she had been up since around 6ish that morning, come 8 she was soooo tired it wasnt even funny. She did cry some but I stayed with her rubbing her back and legs. Now I have to stick with it and have Daddy do some bedtimes too, otherwise he is in trouble when I am in the hospitol having this next baby. We can do it, and we have till May lol.
It appears soo cold outside from the snow we got on New Years Eve or was it the day before. I dont remember. But we need things. I also have to make a menu for this week then a grocery list so I know what I need. I dont wanna over spend. I found when I did a menu and list we saved so much, well except when I insisted on having fresh things in the kitchen, hey it was a craving. I lived off veggie sandwiches the first trimest.

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