Saturday, January 3, 2009

Twice the success

Yep, I managed to stick to what was on my plan for dinner, did the bed time routine and yep got em both to fall asleep in thier bed. I am beyond thrilled. I am really hoping that they keep doing such a great job of it. Today is Saturday so I have nothing really interesting to say. I have errands to run but I am waiting on DH to get his butt outta bed so I can go solo. But he says he was up till after 4, so who knows when that will be :(
I did however have 2 empowering moments involving the same thing the last two days. I got the fire started in the stove, w/out paper and only using 1 piece of wood yesterday and pretty much shavings today w/ only hot coals. I am beyond stoked, I felt very accomplished. :D LOL
Maybe I can even get to sew today, I really wanna stay home and do nothing today and tomorrow, well of course after errands that is. Maybe even get to sew. I do have part of a quilt cut out for Lily for her new big girl bed I just have to finish cutting and sew sew sew. I have been doing pretty good with my knitting lately too. This is from a crocheter. I could crochet pretty much anything, but put it away for a while and started doing lots and lots of sewing. Now I am picking up knitting. The only thing I had ever finished was a hat last year. However in the last week I have made a baby sweater w/ matching socks and have also started a sweater for Avry with hopes of making one for Lily and the baby too. Funny I wanna start so many projects but I am a slow knitter, It will get better as I work on it. We cant all start out to be lightning speed knitters. I am just proud I have been finishing things.
Oh yeah add clean the house to todays list, the bedding needs to be washed too.

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