Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not much to say

We ended up doing the errands I had yesterday as a family, took much longer than I pressumed but we got it all done. Except for my forgetting salad lol. I hope that this works for us, b/c it sure is a big hit at the begining of the month.
More success last night w/ bed time, except we were waiting for Lily to clean up for so long that we got up to bed late so Avry was a bit over tired.
Oh my goodness let me tell you about my dessert I made, was supposed to be this thin brownie w/ marshmellows and chocolate drizzeled over it , I know yum enough but instead I used a different pan and its more like cake brownies covered in marshmellows with chocolate covering pretty much the whole thing, let me tell you that is one dangerous dessert. We had it w/ cookies and cream ice cream and cool whip last night and let me tell you it was yummy. I even want it for breakfast but dh said he is gettin up and helping me cook breakfast today. I should start the muffins though.
Sort of big plans for today, clean, laundry, cook breakfast, make muffins for the week, make bread ( cinnamon raisen and white) cut and sew. This lil boy onlyhas 8 mama made outfits so far, that is not nearly enough. Granted he does have maybe 4 store bought w/ onesies.
Off to wake up dh, Have a nice Day.

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