Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long time no post...

I know I know, it has been forever since I last blogged, I am really no good at this whole blog thing. I really really wanna give this another go, for what the millianth time LOL Anyway

So onto the whats new part, um Lily is 5 and starting kindergarten, can you believe it she is going to school soon. Avry is 3 and almost diaper free, only wears em at night and Jack, well he is all boy. Balls and cars and some boob and he is happy as ever, of course with the occasional clean diaper thrown in there. Lately I have been busy sewing fall and winter clothes, I know your thinking um do you realize its still August and hot. I do but the more I get done the less we will end up buying which is a definate plus when you have 3 to buy for. The girls are also doing extra curriculars this year. Lily will be doing ballet and Avry will be tumbling. They are so excited.

Today I was putting around at one of the many, er I mean few forums that I belong to and came across this http://yarnmiracle.com/blog/ and her talk of Dish Rag Tag. Seems like a really cool idea.
WEll thats all for now, I have a few leotards and a bag to make Avry today. Pictures hopefully to come soon.

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