Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Under garments for young girls

Being a young girl has got to be hard enough without having to find appropriate clothes. 
Lily is 9, this year she joined an Allstar softball team, her shirt was a little large and I felt I could see inside the arm holes. With her age I thought it appropriate to get her a sports bra for comfort and modesty. These were simple to find. 
However, in the recent weeks I woke up a little and purchased the American girl changing young body book. I also got to thinking I was around her age when I started to wear a bra. On a recent trip to the store I was mortified with the bra options for young girls. It was either padding or lace!  
Not something my young daughter needs. 
It is the same thing if you check etsy. 
I knew I had to get to work. 

I have mention tumble and twirl or mountain ash patterns before. This time I used gymnastics training wear separates 1

Her patterns are very easy and especially simple to modify. I picked out some scraps of fabric and stsrted to cut. Before I knew it I had 7 cut. 

A little bit of fold over elastic 

And some small bows and embellishments 

A few days like this. 

Ok only 2, but this is the end result. 

I did some shirring down the center front of half. Oh and added a purple one as were. 

Simple, not so plain. 

 Appropriate for a young girl. 

Comfortable fold over elastic and my girl is all set for a while. 
Sewing these was hard on my heart. I had to face the fact that my girl is growing up. 

Not sure I am ready. 

Have a great one. 

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