Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Casting on for 2 at a time

Sometimes I think when knitting the worst part can be sleeves or legs, they seem to go on forever and then you need to make sure they are even. Well do get away with this I work them both at the same time.
I just recently wrote up my first pattern for fingerless gloves and wanted to use my easy way out. So I am sharing with you how I cast on and work two at a time. What you are going to need is yarn but thats a given, some double pointed needles and a long circular needle.
Wind your skein into 2 balls, or cakes whatever you prefer to work with.

To begin, Cast on all your stitches onto 1 DPN

Next up you are going to transfer half of those stitches to a second double pointed needle . Slip then purl wise onto the needle. It will look like this.
You are treating each end of the circular like its a separate needle (technically it is lol just attached) What you are going to do is slip them purlwise onto these needles. We are slipping them from where they are already joined NOT where they need to be joined. The working yarn and tail are at the other end of the DPN. Now slip these purlwise onto your circular needle. The tail and working yarn will be closest to your needle tips.

Here is a close up for you to see a lil better.

Do the same for the second arm/leg or wrist warmer what ever it is you are working 2 at a time on. From the second ball or cake of yarn.

Now you can start working in the round. The way to do this is lay your work out in front of you like I have, move the stitches w/ the tail yarn closest to the needles tip. Also slide the stitches attached to your working yarn to the cable, by pulling out that needle tip. Being careful not to twist your stitches. To avoid twisting I put all the 'ridges' to the center.

Be sure to place a stitch marker to mark the begining of your rounds. Here you can see I have worked 1/2 of 1 side of the fingerless glove

Contine working each side, making sure you are working each leg, arm, wrist or what ever it is from its own ball of yarn, otherwise you wil end up w/ a mess of joined pieces and might get confused. The yarn will be worked along a side, around the cable and along the second side.

I hope this was of some help to you all. If you already have live stitches you can just skip ahead and slip the stitches 1/2 on each needle onto your circular and just work them across, around the cable, and back across. I find it saves me time and lots of aggrivation. And will eliminate SECOND SOCK SYNDROM (insert dun dun dun right here) If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will try to help you out.

Let me take a brief moment to spam my new pattern. It is almost done testing. Its called Action Fingers.

~ thanks for reading , Kristen ;)

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