Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take a look with in.....

I was reading this posted from a friend this am on Facebook and it got me thinking. Our children are more of a reflection of us than we may realize. I often see different things when looking at my children. There are times when I see my 16 month old being so gentle and loving on a sweet newborn,

or watching as he carress's her cheek.

And I know that he is as sweet as he is because he is treated just as sweetly at home. There are times when we as parents realize that we are doing something right. I know from these few sweet moments my husband and I are raising a sweet and nurturing little boy.
But as we know there are two sides to every story. There are times when you can look at your sweet child's face and see it scrunched up in anger saying who knows what. You know what? She learned that from you too!! Our children really are a reflection of us, they watch , see and hear everything that we do. No matter how many doors we close and lock or how much we try to whisper they hear it and they know.
Thank goodness no one is perfect and children are such forgiving little creatures. It doesnt take much for us to get ourselves back on the right track. We too fall of the track. Its just a matter of picking up your boot straps and trying again.
Now dont get me wrong, children dont get absolutely everything from us. There are often subject to outside situations that dont involve us. They play with other children who learn from thier parents or caregivers, some are cared for by others when parents need to work or more times than not the television. We as parents are guiding our future leaders, in years to come these sweet little ones, the easily influenced, the spongues ready to absorb anything and everything are going to be running this earth and thier children after them. The Lion King had it right, its a "Circle of Life". Now dont get me wrong there are situations where its not always the parent or caregivers influences that have been passed along to our children, there are times when its something internal that influences our children, and in this one case alone its not completely our fault, but that doesnt mean that we still dont influence our children.
If we want our children to be the best that they can be, then we in turn need to be the best parents that we can be. We need to lead by example. Take a few seconds today to get down to thier level and hug them, lay in the grass looking at the clouds and find the animals and shapes. The only time we need to worry about when guiding our children, is the time flying by and them growing up tooo fast. Savor every moment that you have with them, they are only little once and you only get one chance at guiding them. This is your time to shine, your children will reflect it for many years as will thier children and childrens children.
I will part today and leave you with this

Babies Don’t Keep

By Ruth Hulbert Hamilton

Mother, O Mother, come shake out your cloth,
Empty the dustpan, poison the moth,
Hang out the washing,make up the bed,
Sew on a button and butter the bread.Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
She’s up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.

Oh, I’ve grown as shiftless as Little Boy Blue,
Lullabye, rockabye, lullabye loo.
Dishes are waiting and bills are past due,
Lullabye, rockaby, lullabye loo.
The shopping’s not done and there’s nothing for stew
And out in the yard there’s a hullabaloo,
But I’m playing Kanga and this is my Roo,
Lullabye, rockaby lullabye loo.

The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
For children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs;
Dust go to sleep!
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

~ thanks for reading , Kristen ;)

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