Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amazing house smell and knitting.

As the cold weather finally approaches us I am getting to use the wood burning stove more and more. I say finally approaches because I live in New England and just last week we had temperatures in the 60's. I kid you not. Any who, we use a wood burning stove to help cut the cost of oil, since our house is set up to have oil heat. Anyone who has a wood stove, hopefully knows to use a kettle filled with water on top as a sort of humidifier. *note please only use kettles designed for wood stoves.

Last year I discovered a trick that helps make the house smell amazing, when the stove is going. I bought this little beauty , only a few drops in the kettle when I fill it and the entire house smells so good.

With cold weather on the brain, between Christmas and New Years I decided to knit myself a set. I wanted the set to include a hat, scarf and glitten. First I started with the hat, I used the striped newsboy. I used plastic canvas wrapped in duck tape for the brim.

(please excuse the side ways pics)

Next up I knitted the scarf. I just kept in the same pattern as the hat and knit for 6 feet.

(please excuse the preblocked picture)

Once I finally finished the scarf, which I never thought I would. I started on the glittens. For those that don't know a glitten is the marriage or partnership of a glove and a mitten. Its the convience of gloves and warmth of mittens at the same time. For this I used a pattern from Ann Budds the Knitters handy book of patterns. I basically knitted the glove, and fingers till the length I wanted them, ending in some ribbing around the fingers, I then picked up stitches along the top, and CO more in order to for a 'cap' for the fingers. When I had decreased and had only 4 stitches remaining I knitted an icord, which I later tacked down in order to make a button loop to hold my cap back when it wasn't needed. As you can also see I knitted ribbing on the palm side of the cap, where it isn't attached to the hand.

At this point I was done

or so I thought.

I decided I needed ear warmers to match for when my hair was up, which it often is . Shh don't tell Lily in order to co the ear warmers I had to put her hat on scrap yarn so I could use the circulars.

~ thanks for reading , Kristen ;)

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