Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Day = New Begining

This year I am really trying to stay positive about things and potentially rid the negative. The negative just makes me feel, well yucky, and just leads to other non wanted feelings. I am also trying to eat better to make for a healthier me. So far so good (if we don't count yesterday, was a bit of a stressful day and not the best for me) when a bad day does come about, like anyone I try to deal, not always easy. But as I go to sleep, I know a new day is coming, which is a new beginning, its a second chance, a chance to try again and get to what I might not have the day before.
My next venture, well aside from adding exercise back into my daily routine is to get more organized. I was recently told about getting a free copy of Organized Made Simple for my kindle from amazon. I figured its worth a try, and best part is if I cant stick to it, it was free. We have so many plans, wants and needs for our home. Also on our agenda is to manage our money better, but then again who doesn't have that on their to do list. I was at first going to attempt Dave Ramseys Money make over but fortunate for us, we really don't have any debt. We don't use credit cards and only have our mortgage so we are pretty confident that we can attack this on our own.
I think our first big project to tackle will be the girls room. Need to take the mat type flooring out, possibly new laminate hard woods, Avry needs a bed, at almost 5 she is still in a toddler bed, and some paint. Not to bad if you ask me! Today I think I may just try to clean the room up so we can get her a new bed. Of course as we proceed I will take before and after pics.

For now I leave you with a quote I read "Be the change you wish to see in the world" ~Ghandi

Have a great day, make it a good one!

~ thanks for reading , Kristen ;)

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