Monday, January 16, 2012

Some recent projects

I have just a few projects to share. Last week I altered a girls long sleeve tee shirt and made it into a sweet little cardigan for Lily to wear over a dress I had made her for Christmas. Here is the cardigan. You probably cant see but it has a giant hook and eye closure.

Stay tuned tomorrow and I will try to put up a tutorial on how to do this.

Last week I also cast on a sweater dress for Lily, her 7th birthday is in March and she is getting too big for her other sweater dress I had bought, could be the fact that it is a 5t LOL. I am using a mix between the sorello and fratello. I am using part of both patterns in order to be able to create a really cute dress for her. Here is a progress pic.

Since this picture I have finished the sleeves, no picture yet of that though.

Today, I made some very sweet and toasty warm dresses for my girls. I had first saw the idea, and pdf at Un Petite Design, and got right to making some today. They really are very fast to make, I did add length to them to fit my girls, but other than that they are pretty much the same. This is Avrys, can you tell she likes it?

I also made one for Lily but for some reason, my computer is taking forever to load the picture so I will have to share that later. But I did make some flowers to match Lily's dress, also found links and tutorials from Un Petite Design.

I think that they turned out pretty darn cute. Thats all till tomorrrow.
~ thanks for reading , Kristen ;)

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Melissa said...

Too cute! I can't wait to see the finished sweaterdress. :)