Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its time to reverse the procrastination of the day!

The time is a little after 11am and I have successfully, sent a beautiful 6 year old off to school, started a fire (which happened to be started before she left), watched 2 shows I had DVR'd while I was working last night and knitted. The procrastination is apparently in full force today, as much as what mentioned may seem like a decent amount of things to accomplish I however feel its less than adequite lol. AH well.
Its a new day, which is a new opportunity. A chance to get to what I didnt yesterday and to do right what I may have done wrong. To me its a new begining, a fresh start. The past is behind up to learn from the present is to bask in and enjoy, and the future is something in which to look forward to.
Today I will accomplish something! But in order to do that once again I must leave the chair. First up, a poodle skirt for the dance team.
Once my procrastination has been held at bay I would really like to join Ginny over at Small Things for her Yarn along. I am always reading something and knitting something. Just need to get some pictures up and I think I just may be able to join her. Maybe next week. But for now I am reading The Choice by Nickolas Sparks and finishing up a hat, scarf and glitten set for myself.

~ thanks for reading , Kristen ;)

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